Computer Network Security

This program provides different types of malicious attacks and various methods of responding to them. Students learn how to protect computer networks by using security codes. The course also examines malware, social engineering attacks, operating system holes, web security, privacy and email hacking.

Student Experiences

  • Demonstrate proper procedures for installing and configuring common peripheral devices
  • Explore connection options for each printer and scanner technology (i.e., wired vs wireless, server interface, cable types, local infrastructures, etc.)
  • Interpret the meaning of common error codes and startup messages from the boot sequence and identify steps to correct problems
  • Assess the technology environment (e.g., software, devices, operating systems, and device compatibility)

Career Opportunities

  • Security software developer
  • Cryptographer
  • Security analyst
  • Networking architecture

Student Organization and Industry Certification

  • SkillsUSA
  • CTSO

College Program Partner
University of Arizona
Maricopa Community Colleges

Average Annual Wage: $84,810