Film & TV

The Film & Digital Media program offers pre-professional training in video, television, and new media. Because the industry is undergoing constant change in both production technology and business practices, the program gives special attention to preparing students for a career that is not entirely predictable. Applying traditional skills to new digital environments and global platforms is the key. The ability to write well, create powerful images, articulate ideas, collaborate within a diverse community, and adjust to new and surprising situations are the hallmarks of success.

Student Experiences

  • Students will develop technical skills on industry-standard equipment and software, applying these skills to broadcast productions, live streaming, traditional short films, and news stories.
  • Students will learn camera techniques-angles, movements, and framing shots.
  • Students will learn about screenwriting, broadcast style writing, producing, directing, cinematography and Adobe editing programs.
  • Students will learn the three stages of movie-making: pre-production, production, and post-production.
  • Originality, self-confidence, critical thinking, and professional work ethic are nurtured.  

Career Opportunities

  • Broadcast journalist
  • Screenwriter
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Public relations
  • Marketing 
  • Film-editing and special effects 

Student Organization and Industry Certification

  • Arizona CTSO - FBLA
  • National CTSO - FBLA

College Program Partner
Maricopa Community Colleges

Average Annual Wage: $76,400