Students in the Marketing/Business areas are enrolled in classes which teach life skills. Introduction To Business students learn about economics and consumers, careers and operations, in the everyday economic environment of today. Also taught are skills in banking, checking, savings, credit, investments, and insurance.

Marketing students are planning their future in the marketing and business fields of study. The course teaches the fundamentals of marketing with the basic terms and concepts. The knowledge and tools necessary to design and implement effective marketing programs is taught in these courses. All students are given the opportunity to join the DECA Club. DECA provides opportunities for its members to explore career options, gain real-world experience, and take on leadership roles. The club competes with other marketing students at district, state, and international levels.

Student Experiences

  • Analyze the impact of global influences on price (e.g., currency exchange rates, tariffs, and distribution costs)
  • Compare and contrast marketing research methods (e.g., survey method, experimental method, and observation method)
  • Evaluate the role of metrics and analytics in a successful sales strategy
  • Differentiate between intermediary customers and end users (e.g., business, government, households, industry, non-profit, retailers, and wholesalers) 

Career Opportunities

  • Advertising manager
  • Media buyer
  • Public relations
  • Consumer
  • Marketing coordinator

Student Organization and Industry Certification

  • Queen Creek DECA
  • Arizona CTSO - DECA
  • National CTSO - DECA

College Program Partner
Maricopa Community Colleges
Arizona State University WP Carey School of Business

Average Annual Wage: $141,490