College & Career Center

The College and Career Center is here to serve our student community by providing the information and resources students need to achieve their academic and career goals. We invite all students to benefit from our services; we’re looking forward to working closely with you to help you achieve success.


To assist all Eastmark High School students in planning for their future by using a variety of resources, activities and interventions which align with the QCUSD Strategic Plan. Students will develop social, academic, and employability skills that will help them prepare for success after high school. We will provide career, college, and school career opportunities while working closely with the Counseling Department, Armed Forces, as well as community and business partners.

College & Career Bulletins

For Current Students

Please join your cohort college and career center Google classroom for more comprehensive information and daily updates. You will need to use your google homepage connected to your @qcusd student email. 

  • 2024 graduates join with class code: p2k376w
  • 2025 graduates join with class code: egvly2o
  • 2026 graduates join with class code: quxnvx7
  • 2027 graduates join with class code: 6wnwscm

The College and Career Center Google Resource Classrooms always host the most current details, but you can also visit The Center's website for additional information.

College & Career Exploration
Scholarship and FAFSA Information