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EHS Academics

We are deeply focused on 21st century academics. Eastmark students have access to advanced academic and honors classes taught by dedicated educators who are passionate about the subjects they teach.

At Eastmark, we are proud to offer honors English for ninth and tenth graders, honors biology, honors geometry, and honors ancient civilizations. We also offer a variety of science, foreign language, and extracurricular courses.

English teacher writing on the chalkboard

English Language Arts

Our English language arts and literacy curriculum addresses the reading, writing, language, and speaking and listening skills students need to master as they progress through school, toward college and a career, and as they achieve their goals.

High school students talking around a globe of the earth in a classroom

Foreign Languages

Learning a foreign language is vital in today's society. It builds multi-tasking skills and improves memory and decision-making skills and teaches tolerance, understanding, and compassion for other cultures. It’s even been shown that those who learn a foreign language improve their own English.

high school student working through a math problem on the chalkboard


The opportunities for individuals who demonstrate a thorough understanding of mathematics are endless in today’s changing environment. At EHS, we are committed to extraordinary results and ensuring our students’ success.

high school student working in the science lab


Eastmark’s science courses and electives provide students with a foundation in modern concepts in both the biological and physical sciences. Armed with this knowledge, they will have the ability to become productive members of our increasingly technologically and scientifically advanced society.

Group of high school students discussing social studies assignment

Social Studies

We believe that through understanding the past our students will have a better future. As students develop a better understanding of historical events and people, they learn to interpret significant themes, ideas, and beliefs and to identify turning points throughout the world’s history.