EHS Career Path Academies

Eastmark students participate in proven strategic learning and graduate well prepared for success in college and beyond. Our curriculum emphasizes the four distinct career path academies:

What is a Career Academy?

A Career Academy is a school within a high school that ties what students learn in class to the high-demand careers that interest them. Learning comes to life when students team up with their peers who share common interests, fusing core academics with career-related lessons and hands-on projects.

How Does It Work?

At Eastmark High School, we use the wall-to-wall career path academy model. Every ninth or tenth grade student chooses a Career Academy in which to take part. In their chosen pathway, students have interesting, unique, and fun experiences. After high school, students might choose to head off to college or begin employment right after graduation. When students enroll in a Career Academy, they have the opportunity to earn college credit and even industry certification, giving them a headstart in college or making them more employable as they begin a career.


The following are some of the benefits of participating in our Career Academies program:

  • Gain a competitive edge for college and careers
  • Access to valuable mentoring and internship opportunities with partner businesses
  • Connect with key employers
  • Choose a major early

Every student can be successful in a Career Academy by:

  • Improving their academic performance
  • Earning college credits during high school (dual enrollment)
  • Meeting future employers
  • Learning job-specific skills
  • Earning industry certification
    • Career Academies prepare students to earn industry certification during high school.
    • Industry-recognized credentials such as Microsoft Office Specialist, Premier Pro, AutoCAD, etc. can equate to increased earning potential upon graduation.
    • Many certifications equate to free college credit if the student pursues training in a related state college program.