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Home of the Firebirds

Teachers & Staff

Our team of educators is completely committed to guiding our students toward success. Our teachers believe in a bright future for every student here at Eastmark, and they work tirelessly to help them unlock that future. Please take a moment to become more acquainted with our talented faculty and staff, and be sure to contact them with your questions or concerns.


Paul Gagnon

Kim Saad
Assistant Principal

Kraig Leuschner
Assistant Principal of Athletics

Christina Fowler
Administrative Assistant to Principal

Derek Petersen
Assistant Principal

Marissa Horton
Administrative Assistant to Athletic Director

Ginger Woodard
Administrative Assistant to Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Christine Beamon

Elizabeth Camp

Elizabeth Lamb
Attendance Technician

Farrah Nelson
Health Office Assistant

Robert Orefice
Information Technology

Scott Rotier
Equipment Manager

Kerry Kester
Data Specialist

Career & Technical  Education

Wayne Brimley

Jamie Cinnamon

Mackenzie Moyer

Thorne Schubert

Jason Stahl

child nutrition

Alma Aguilar
Child Nutrition Assistant

Michelle Bradford
Child Nutrition Manager

Debra Hartwig
Child Nutrition Assistant

Luticia Holland
Child Nutrition Assistant

Nancy Joyce
Child Nutrition Assistant

Mauro Liberatore
Child Nutrition Assistant

Suzanne Lynn
Child Nutrition Assistant


Stephanie Abeyta

Sandy Fernandez

Christopher Greenwood

Sarah Haverland

Amanda Klick

Beth Mosey

Stephanie Spears

Jill Swaninger

Shelly Swisher

Fine Arts

Cynthia Catchpole

Brian Murphy

Patricia Petruzzi

Myrna Rivera

Dan Shore

instructional Assistants

Kirk Anderson
SPED Instructional Assistant

Tanya Elzinga
AVID Instructional Aide

Terry Henderson
SPED Instructional Assistant

Leanne Hodson
SPED Instructional Assistant

Monica Howell
SPED Instructional Assistant

Andrea Stones
AVID Instructional Aide

Sara Taylor
AVID Instructional Aide

Lynette Tucker
AVID Instructional Aide


Jeff Brown

Jimmy Martin

Jose Lemus

Christopher Strom
Night Custodian


Christopher Driving Hawk

Pamela Garland

Kristin Longo

Liz Murray-Davis

Madeline Quinn

Megan Smith

Allison Smith

Joshua Tristan

Katherine Washco

Physical Education

Lindsay Gonzalez

Molly Gordon

Katie Mercer

Courtney Nichols

Adam Schiermyer


Mayra Aversa

Michael Duranczyk

Nick Griffin

Shannan Harris

RayAnna Hunter

Cassandra Norman

Jesse Roth


Kevin Bingham

Amy Davison
Security Guard

Larry Green
Security Guard

Joseph Orlando
Security Guard

Joshua Stoner
Security Guard

Social Studies

Mike Huddleston

Scooter Molander

Alexandra Nelsen

Fernando Otero

Bill Stebbing

Tracy Walters

Heather Watson

Sara Zozzaro

Special Education

Ashley Crump
SPED Co-Teach Math

Pete DeRose
SPED Co-Teach Language Arts

Scott Fisher
SPED Co-Teach

Spencer Waggoner
SPED Co-Teach Math

Student Services

Denise Brinkman
Bookstore Technician

Holly Dahle
High School M–Z

Monica Martinez
Library Media Assistant

Dena Morgan
Social Worker

Tami Schmal
College & Career Specialist

Debi Short
Junior High School

Anacari Velasquez
High School A–L

world Language

Yessika Moncur

Carmen Ramsdell

Kenza Triki